1. Can you play my favorite song?

We definitely can! If the song is listed on the website, it’s free. In other cases we can order the music and arrange it for a small fee.

2. What do I need to do to book?

Contact us, then return the contract and deposit. 

3. What decisions do I need to make? What information do I need to provide?

  • Quartet or trio
  • In-town (Bryan/College Station) or out-of-town
  • Music selections: you can go with the standard program in the Suggestions section, or pick any custom songs

4. How do I pay?

The full amount is due on the day of the event in cash. 

5. What’s the difference between quartet and trio?

Trio: violin, viola, cello
Quartet: 2 violins, viola, cello

We have all common wedding ceremony repertoire for both quartet and trio. String quartets were traditionally more common in the past and provide slightly more volume. Currently more than half the events we do are trios. A trio costs 3/4 the quartet rate.

6. Do you play only weddings?

Although weddings are our most common service, we are also available for parties, galas, and other events. We have numerous and diverse musical selections for any occasion.

7. How long before the event should I contact you?

As soon as possible! We often have events booked several months in advance, and some booked more than a year in advance. We need at least 2 weeks to buy or arrange music that isn’t on the list.

8. Could you play at my event outside the Bryan-College Station area?

Yes. We do charge for mileage beyond a 30 minute radius.

9. Do you need someone to give you cues?

We have done many weddings smoothly without cues, but it always makes it easier if your wedding planner or usher helps “direct traffic” and signals us so we can coordinate the music. The moment the bride enters and the music starts is always powerful, all the more if the timing is perfect.

10. Do I need to set up anything for you at the event?

We have only a few requirements:

  • Three or four chairs with no arms
  • A 6'x10' space
  • Enough light to read by—let us know if we should bring our music stand lights
  • We must have shelter if there is any possibility of rain during an outdoor event; our wooden instruments would be severely damaged by water.

11. Do you attend the dress rehearsal?

If you would like one instrumentalist to attend the rehearsal we can certainly do that. We charge $75 for that service. Generally we do not need to attend the rehearsal unless there are extremely complicated details.